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  • Stardust Vanguards Alpha Quick Play

    Star­dust Van­guards is a hell of a couch com­pet­i­tive mul­ti­player game and it’s nowhere near done! Fuck shit up in (more…)

    Cubus Puram Quick Play

    A path­way puz­zle game for Desura involv­ing colors!

    Check it out on Desura: http://www.desura.com/games/cubus-puram

    Pentumble Quick Play

    A fun puz­zle game involv­ing a wall-climbing robot avoid­ing buz­z­saws and get­ting col­ored keys to unlock path­ways! VIDEO GAMES!
    <br (more…)

    MegaMan X8 LP [3/6]

    I want some­thing else to get through this semi-charmed kinda life, baby baby.

    GigaBoots Podcast #39 — Anisotropic Volcano

    Dan, Bob, and Dr. Aggro talk about the Smash char­ac­ters leak, Project Delorean, Ama­zon buy­ing Twitch and more in this (more…)

    MegaMan X8 LP [2/6]

    More mav­er­icks, more problems.

    MegaMan X8 LP [1/6]

    Dan goes it alone. All hope is lost.

    What Indie Hell — Honor in Vengeance 2

    Dou­ble the Honor, dou­ble the Vengeance.

    RetroBoots — Sky Oddysey

    Take flight with Dan & Bob in this week’s episode of Retro­Boots. Sky Odd­ysey is adven­ture and odysseus!

    What Indie Hell — Honor in Vengeance

    Today we find out that there is honor in vengeance. Not in the game…no..

    MegaMan X8…Let’s Play?

    Some­thing has gone hor­ri­bly wrong. Then, some­thing else decided to go hor­ri­bly wrong for about 30 min­utes. Here’s that sec­ond (more…)

    Freedom Planet Original Intro (pre-patch)

    I was clear­ing up the HDD to record more videos and I wanted to save this cutscene for pos­ter­ity (mostly (more…)

    Vote for the next Let’s Play! [8/23/2014]

    Vote at the link below! And yes, I have a gouged nose.


    Shovel Knight Let’s Play [10/10]

    This is the final part. Why are you read­ing this? Aren’t you afraid of spoilers?!?

    Shovel Knight Let’s Play [9/10]

    Into the Tower of Fate to serve jus­tice in spades! :O