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  • GigaBoots Podcast #38 — We’re Finally Gonna Play Jackal

    Dan, Bob, and Eric talk about things that aren’t 5-male related fast foot joints SUCH AS the lat­est gam­ing news (more…)

    Shovel Knight Let’s Play [7/10]

    Black Knight is no match for Ghost Shovel Knight!

    What Indie Hell — Maid-san’s Caving Adventure

    Eric strug­gles to not say some­thing he’ll regret while a high-pitched anime maid girl goes spelunking.

    RetroBoots — P.N.03

    Shinji Mikami has very spe­cific needs from his video games. Appar­ently these needs are very spe­cific and involve shades and (more…)

    Shovel Knight Let’s Play [6/10]

    Fea­tur­ing the ghosts of Kickstarter’s past!

    Gigantic Army Quick Play

    In the dis­tant future of 2009, you bat­tle a giant mech army with a not as giant mech armed with (more…)

    Amazing Princess Sarah Quick Play

    An action plat­former where you kill ene­mies by throw­ing corpses at them. What the shit?

    Shovel Knight Let’s Play [5/10]

    Let’s get that Mole Knight and his crazy Psy­cho Birds!

    Rogue Legacy Review (PS4/PS3/VITA/PC)

    Rogue­like time-vampire? Sounds delicious!

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    Shovel Knight Let’s Play [4/10]

    Holy hell it’s a hat-mancer!

    Shovel Knight Let’s Play [3/10]


    Mega Man X4 Let’s Play — Ultra Armor! [1/1]

    Let’s show off these awe­some armors!

    Shovel Knight Let’s Play [2/10]

    Just look at all these derp drag­ons you guys! This game is incredible!

    The Weekly Beating #17 — The Unholy War

    Eric and Dan duke it out in The Unholy War for PS1. It’s made by the peo­ple who made Archon, (more…)

    GigaBoots Podcast #37 — Gamescom 2014

    The Giga­Boots crew talks about and sum­ma­rizes the major con­fer­ences of Gamescom sans EA’s (because we just forgot.)