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  • GigaBoots Podcast 14 — A Podcast Reborn

    Dan, Eric and Dr. Aggro talk about how all fan­fic­tion writ­ers deserve to be flogged includ­ing (and espe­cially) the writer behind Castl­e­va­nia Lords of Shadow.

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate High Definition Quick Play HD

    Dan & Bob check out CVLOSMOFHD for the PS3. It’s still the same awful game but it runs a lit­tle bet­ter except for when it doesn’t.

    GigaBoots Podcast #13 — L’Cie

    This pod­cast was recorded 2 weeks ago. Late upload thanks to Pokemon.

    GigaBoots Podcast #12 — Dorito Face Bad Touch Sempai

    The full GB crew is here again to talk about a lot of stuff. The pod­cast got inter­rupted so many times in this episode that the whole thing exists in this vague “are we record­ing?” territory.

    Freedom Planet Preview HD

    Dan & Bob show off the pre­view build of Free­dom Planet for PC. It’s a fast-paced anime style mas­cot plat­former game that builds on the foun­da­tion of games like Sonic a great deal.

    For more info about Free­dom Planet go check out the site: http://freedomplanet.galaxytrail.com/

    GigaBoots Podcast #11 — Free Car ARG

    Steam OS, AMD’s Hawaii GPU14 con­fer­ence, and stuff are all chat­ted about by Dan, Bob, Eric, and Dr. Aggro.

    GigaBoots Podcast #10 — Free Dem Planets

    Dan, Bob, and Aggro talk about the Free­dom Planet Alpha build and how awe­somely cute it is, Tokyo Game Show news, and Early Access Steam games.

    Go here for a demo of Free­dom Planet: http://freedomplanet.galaxytrail.com/
    and con­sider toss­ing some clams their way: http://freedomplanet.galaxytrail.com/donate.htm

    Conference Compressed #1 — SCEJ Pre-TGS Conference

    This is a sum­mary of the Pre-TGS PlaySta­tion Con­fer­ence. News abridged, trailer reels shown in their entireity.

    GigaBoots Podcast #9 — The Cisgender Heteronormative Gaming Podcast

    The Giga­Boots crew talks about things involv­ing video games.

    RetroBoots #2 — Super Mario Kart

    Dan & Bob try to play Super Mario Kart on the SNES. Con­tro­ver­sial opin­ions inside.

    Killer is Dead [PS3/360] Preview

    It’s another Suda 51 game. Crazy plot. Non­sen­si­cal dia­logue. We show off all the “modes” in this game. Some of which, you may have heard of. The game? Killer is Dead!

    Castle of Illusion [PS3/360] Preview

    Dan & Bob check out the new ver­sion of Cas­tle of Illu­sion that just came out XBLA, Steam, and PSN.

    Chaos Code [PS3] Preview

    Japan­ese indie fight­ing game from 2011 finally hits US PSN store. Weaboo fight­ing fans care immensely.

    GigaBoots Podcast #8 — PSVR & Dickwolves

    Dan & Bob chat it up about the lat­est gam­ing news includ­ing a PlaySta­tion VR head­set, an XBone CPU boost, and more.

    GigaBoots Podcast #7 — Too DS

    Dan and Aggro talk about the 2DS and self-entitled gamer pricks.