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  • Super Mario 3D World Quick Play HD

    Care to join us for some fire flow­ers and cat suits, nyan?

    Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII [JPN Demo] Quick Play HD

    Dan & Bob show of the Japan­ese demo for the job-switching witch-commando Light­ning in the final game in the XIII trilogy…hopefully.

    Way of the Samurai 4 Let’s Play Part 5

    This is episode is full of Honey Nut Curios.

    (recorded in March 2013)

    GigaBoots Podcast 18 — Stone Cold Bitch

    Dan & Bob talk about their expe­ri­ences with the Xbox One and all the games they’ve been play­ing recently.

    Way of the Samurai 4 Let’s Play Part 4

    This isn’t the graveyard..this is a whore­house! Wait a sec­ond, I can change that…

    (This was recorded in March 2013)