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  • Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Quick Play HD

    Check out this demo of the stel­lar Metal Gear Ris­ing Revengeance for the PS3. It’s exclu­sive to the Zone of the Enders HD Col­lec­tion and OH HEY WE JUST BROKE IT! :O

    Black Knight Sword Quick Play HD

    Cat Head Grass. That’s all I need to say. Just watch it.

    New Super Mario Bros U Quick Play HD

    Check out the new Mario game that’s almost com­pletely the same as the last! There are new modes that are chal­lenges and a new sin­gle player but aside from that and 1080p, this is pretty sim­i­lar affair. Not nec­es­sar­ily a bad thing.

    Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge Quick Play HD

    A re-release of Ninja Gaiden that isn’t titled Sigma? Mad­ness I say! Mad­ness! Here’s to you Wii U. A much improved port of a game we’ve have for months.

    PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale Quick Play HD

    Quick Plays are back! Dan and Bob check out the Smash­ing new game from Sony, PlaySta­tion All­stars Bat­tle Royale! Sony’s and 3rd party mas­cots Brawl each other in this mish mash melee mul­ti­player brothers.…64.……it’s smash bros there I said it.

    We made an awesome ad that needs your help!

    So Bob and I haven’t exactly been atten­tive for the last month. That’s because we were work­ing on get­ting tons of soft­ware and gear together to make this ad for the Sony Lit­tleBig­Planet Kart­ing ad com­pe­ti­tion. It involves Hippo from our Ape Escape Let’s Play and his chan­nel in a rocket chair shoot­ing down giant cat mon­sters. Go watch it: http://apps.facebook.com/llbpkvideo/contests/294277/voteable_entries/60117691
    Done now? Okay, well you need to vote for that video daily so we can grab first place and secure more video equip­ment (or maybe pay off my credit card which ran up quite a bill because of this.) Spread the word to your friends so that way we can show Sony such a ridicu­lous dis­play of sup­port that they can’t help but run this ridicu­lous ad on TV. Hav­ing more videos on TV that involve huge guys in rocket chairs and more ads that don’t suck is a huge step for­ward for human­ity that we should all be work­ing toward.
    So go do it! Vote for it every day for the next week so we can secure 1st place! We will be eter­nally grate­ful for all of your help and I swear we’re work­ing on The Rant is GO and a Top 8 very very soon.

    Resident Evil 6 Leon Campaign Ending Quick Play


    Dan & Bob deliver the video they promised where they would pre­view the hell out of Res­i­dent Evil 6 for the bil­lionth time! Leon’s cam­paign is full of stu­pid bull­shit but this end­ing really takes the cake.

    Dead or Alive 5 Quick Play HD

    I hope you all can appre­ci­ate the months of work that peo­ple put into mak­ing pre­tend boo­bies move accu­rately because I really can’t.

    Damage Inc. Quick Play

    Just what the hell is Dam­age Inc? I wish I had no idea. I have seen things no per­son deserves to see. Heard voice act­ing no one deserves to hear.

    Resident Evil 6 Public Demo Quick Play

    I like the phrase “pub­lic demo” they attached there at the end. That’s pretty classy.

    GigaBoots Podcast Epi 27 — Time to talk about the Wii U A Lot (and there’s also Fuse: The Reckoning)

    Dan, Bob, and Dr. Aggro sit down (as far as you know) to talk about the Wii U’s recent press con­fer­ence unveil­ing var­i­ous details and Insomniac’s newly revealed game Fuse. We also depend­ably come up with another shitty title for a pod­cast. You’re welcome.

    Double Dragon Neon Quick Play HD

    Get your Bro-op on with this Quick Play of Dou­ble Dragon Neon!

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Quick Play HD

    Dan & Bob show off the tag­ging action of the newest Tekken.

    Dan & Bob Review the Universe: Gravity Rush

    Giga­Boots kicks of our new in-depth review series with Grav­ity Rush for the PlaySta­tion Vita.

    Bunny Must Die! Quick Play HD

    Dan and Dr. Aggro show off Bunny Must Die, the new Metroidvania-styled Japan­ese Indie game in which the tit­u­lar char­ac­ter is a half-cat half-bunny pissed off moe chick with insane time-controlling pow­ers. It’s being brought over by Rockin’ Android and was made by Pla­tine Dis­posi­tif (the same peo­ple who made the games in the Gun­de­mo­nium Col­lec­tion.) Pick it up for a lim­ited time on the Indie Royale bun­dle and vote for it on Steam Green­light!
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