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    Top 8 Castlevania Moments

    Dan & Bob break down the Top 8 moments in Castl­e­va­nia in this Top 8 Castl­e­va­nia Moments video.

    Top 8 Worst Mega Man Powers (MM2012)

    There are a lot of missed oppor­tu­ni­ties when it comes to level design, music, and boss design in Mega Man games and on a whole dif­fer­ent scale of “ter­ri­ble” there are some down­right awful pow­ers. These things are so inescapably bad that you just have to won­der what the heck Cap­com was thinking.

    Top 8 Most Memorable Death Animations!

    Are you ready for our first ever Top 8? Damn straight you are! Enjoy our list of the Top 8 Death Ani­ma­tions!

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