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    GigaBoots Podcast #34 — Bob Kicked the NES All Progress is Lost

    Dan, Bob, and Eric talk about Marty O’ Don­nell get­ting his and the other lat­est gam­ing news and a great round­table about Des­tiny ALL WHILE PLAYING DRAGON WARRIOR!

    Bob kicked the NES and all of our hard earned progress is lost on Dragon Warrior.

    RetroBoots — Blaster Master: Blasting Again

    This isn’t your dad’s Blaster Mas­ter. No. No…

    The Weekly Beating #13 — Gundam Battle Assault 2

    Big Zam is totally bal­anced choice in a fight­ing game. Totally.

    GigaBoots Podcast #33 — That Gorrepati Swag

    Dan, Bob, and Aggro level up in Dragon Quest while talk­ing about the lat­est gam­ing news. Round­table Topic: Obnox­ious Gam­ing Terms

    GigaBoots Podcast #32 — Some Other Name

    Dan, Bob, and Aggro talk about the lat­est gam­ing news and what they’ve been play­ing recently.

    What Indie Hell — Alderman

    Unsat­is­fied with Tem­ple of Dogol­rak, the gang plays Alder­man, an amaz­ing game where you play as a knight on a horse and you shoot a punch­ing laser with your lance.

    What Indie Hell — Temple of Dogolrak

    Time to have a ter­ri­ble adven­ture in space full of “tit­il­la­tion” and “inter­est­ing gameplay”

    GigaBoots Podcast #31 — Sywolf Cool

    Dan, Eric, and Dr. Aggro hang out and talk about vidya games like the newly announced Plat­inum Games devel­oped Leg­end of Korra game and things they’ve been play­ing in the last week.

    What Indie Hell: Mingling at the Gallery (full version)

    Dan drags Dr. Aggro and Eric through Min­gling at the Gallery. Now it’s a full ver­sion of the game that doesn’t cut of 5 min­utes in and ask you for MORE DAMN MONEY but is still a very gross game.

    GigaBoots Podcast Pre E3 2014 edition

    What Indie Hell: Lucky

    The demon who inflicted The Bureau: Agent Kendall on us has returned to dam­age us even fur­ther. Lucky is a game so far up it’s own ass that it prob­a­bly doesn’t even know what con­sole it’s on.

    RetroBoots: Nightshade (PS2)

    The unnec­es­sary sequel to Shi­nobi is here. Enjoy the fresh taste of the stealth bomber rid­ing ninja antics of NIGHTSHADE!

    The Weekly Beating #10 — Ultimate MK3

    Ulti­mate Mor­tal Kom­bat 3 (SNES) is a clas­sic. The run but­ton is still weird to deal with and we prob­a­bly should’ve warmed up before this one.

    What Indie Hell: Avalis Dungeon

    What Indie Hell is back with another “clas­sic” from Team Shuriken! Hor­ri­ble adven­ture game-esque choices meets ter­ri­ble draw­ings and designs in this hor­ri­ble hor­ri­ble game.

    RetroBoots: Cutthroat Island (SNES)

    Time to buckle swashes and buc­can ears. This retro “gem” is based on the movie Cut­throat island which I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen.