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    GigaBoots Podcast 18 — Stone Cold Bitch

    Dan & Bob talk about their expe­ri­ences with the Xbox One and all the games they’ve been play­ing recently.

    GigaBoots Podcast #17 — Lock If Old

    Dan, Bob, and Dr. Aggro sit down to talk about the PS4 launch, sales fig­ures, what they’ve been play­ing, and more crap that annoys them.

    The Weekly Beating #5 — Battle Arena Toshinden

    Duk­ing it out in the PS1 launch title on the cusp of the PS4 launch. This didn’t age well at all.

    What Indie Hell — Mingling at the Gallery (iOS)

    The most das­tardly “game” on What Indie Hell yet, Min­gling at the Gallery sim­u­lates the expe­ri­ence of a party at a gallery. Choose your drinks! Choose your con­ver­sa­tions! Choose how too much you’ll pay!

    GigaBoots Podcast 15 — Doritocracy

    Dan, Bob, and Dr. Aggro sit down to chat about the “DORITROCRACY” and journalism’s com­plete absence in the game industry.