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    What Indie Hell — The Undead Syndrome

    Hor­ror imported straight from the uncanny valley.

    RetroBoots — Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

    Bob was a huge star wars kid. Not THE Star Wars Kid…but def­i­nitely a big one. There’s def­i­nitely more for (more…)

    GigaBoots Podcast #43 — At Least I Think It Is

    Unity’s 900p, Smash Bros Wii U’s launch date, and more in this week’s episode of the Giag­Boots Podcast!

    The Weekly Beating — Super Smash Brothers

    Dan, Bob, and Eric smash each other retro-style.

    What Indie Hell — Rocketgirl

    All the exploita­tion and weird­ness of Cho Aniki but fil­tered through the Xbox Live Indie Games store.

    The Weekly Beating #22 — Smash 3DS (final game)

    Dan & Bob duke it in the new and amaz­ing Smash Broth­ers for Nin­tendo 3DS (what a shit name.)

    GigaBoots Podcast #42 — Hopefully Dan Doesn’t Lose a Friend

    Dan’s gonna try to not talk about Des­tiny because if he gets dragged into that con­ver­sa­tion he may say some (more…)

    What Indie Hell — Recall

    You wanna see some shit? Here, check this out.

    GigaBoots Podcast #41 — The Low End of the Dial

    Dan, Bob, and Dr. Aggro talk about the Smash DLC leak, Pier Solar HD com­ing out, Titan­fall is get­ting more (more…)

    RetroBoots — Gungrave Overdose

    His name is Grave…call him Beyond the Grave.

    The Weekly Beating #21 — Smash 4 3DS [Super Smash Brothers 4]

    Hope you guys like Smash because I have a problem.

    The Weekly Beating #20 — Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    I really shouldn’t have played this after play­ing so much of the demo for 4.

    RetroBoots — Gungrave

    Gun­grave is very sim­ple, very loud game.

    GigaBoots Podcast #40 — Worcanna Got a 10 KDR!

    Dan & Aggro are now up close and per­sonal in the newest pod­cast where they talk about Des­tiny and Microsoft (more…)

    The Weekly Beating #19 — Inuyasha: Feudal Fairy Tales

    You asked for it. We deliv­ered. We were plan­ning on it already but, what­ever, it’s not like I care or (more…)