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  • Still up making new website..

    Yea. I’m still up mak­ing the new web site…things are going well! Just don’t allow any java-script that asks to exe­cute do so. Blog.com has had some issues and has been com­pro­mised to some extent. I’m work­ing up a new web­site (which I don’t know when it will go up) which will be bet­ter any­ways but until then, patience.

    Incred­i­bly grate­ful for all of you fans,
    Dan (I’m also speak­ing for Bob)


    Because of the mal­ware attack thing the plans for the new web­site have been expe­dited. I’m work­ing on it currently…sorry for every­one who is afraid of get­ting pwned. For now just go to our Twit­ter account. Seri­ously, I’m not sure I want any­one going to the site with that warn­ing pop­ping up and I’d rather not spend time try­ing to fix that when I could be design­ing the final website.

    So in order…

    …to check out some­thing in a past review to see how long a credit theme would have to be I watched Van­quish. I don’t know how this hap­pened but now the web­site is pop­ping up with a warn­ing that we host mali­cious soft­ware (which is bull­shit, obvi­ously) and for some rea­son Blip cut the Van­quish review short! It’s miss­ing the final punch­line for some rea­son so I’m re-uploading it and hop­ing that works out…if not then…wever.


    Yea so the Splat­ter­house Quick Play is not upload­ing at all. It gets to 66% com­plete and dies every time so I’m going to re-encode it into MP4 and try again. For now enjoy our other Quick Play. Updated the sec­tion on the right to include a more recent roadmap for the site. We’re work­ing hard for your views as usual so thanks for com­ing to the site!

    The Quick Plays will (in fact) be up later today!

    Wow. Yes­ter­day was the 2nd most pop­u­lar day for the site and our videos so thanks to every­one who’s check­ing us out for the first time and stick­ing around. Trust me when I say that we’re work­ing hard con­stantly to keep you enter­tained. In the next week you’ll see a cou­ple more quick plays, another ye olde quicke playe, A video review and another pilot for a new series. After that we’ll still have 2 more series; one we’re launch­ing this month and another we’re launch­ing next. It will be splendiforous!

    If you have any com­ments or any­thing just put it here on the site. Go ahead and friend us on Twit­ter. We need some­one to spam Earth­bound quotes at!

    The Quick Plays will go up tomorrow

    The Quick Plays this week were so large that they took all day today to ren­der and con­vert and stuff but I don’t have any time to upload so they’re goin up tomor­row. We did a Quick Play of Dead Nation and Splatterhouse.

    Now to my crazy left-field overnight shift! :D

    What’s goin up (or down) tomorrow?

    Mon­day. What does that mean to you? It means Ye Olde Quicke Playe of Spell Jam­mer feat. a spe­cial guest. What’s Spell Jam­mer? Why an amaz­ing DOS game that involved 256-color gradient-ing pho­tos of peo­ple into D&D garb in outer space. It’s hilar­i­awe­some. Also really really late mon­day or early Tues­day you’ll be get­ting your hands on a Top 8 Death Ani­ma­tions video. It’s fun­tas­tic and some of our best work yet!!!

    Aside from that, what’s new? Uh..Wednesday (early thurs­day) will be the reg­u­lar PSN update Quick Play blowout that it usu­ally is and we’re try­ing to make 2 major videos after this next one. Don’t have an ETA on those yet. Once again I’d like to stress that I’m going to work on the new site design very soon just want to get out 2–3 major new pieces of con­tent before I focus on it. We’ve expe­ri­enced some very nice growth in view­er­ship recently and I full intend to ser­vice all of the internet’s needs (despite my own need to sleep!)

    Thanks every­one. Also, friend us on Twit­ter at www.twitter.com/gigaboots. We need friends!

    Content is going up tonight…or tomorrow morn!

    Almost done with both of the videos. The Dragon’s Lair guide should be going up tonight (which may or may not inter­est you all) and the first in the Top 8 series will prob­a­bly go up tomor­row morn­ing. That is all soldier!


    Traf­fic is up a crap-ton today so that’s great. Views are also up because of our lat­est videos. More impor­tantly than that shiz though is that the Top 8 work has been delayed for tonight and I’m work­ing on a Tro­phy Video Guide for Dragon’s Lair. BT-dubz, if you go check out the high­scores I’m in first. Also work­ing on the script for another video going up some­time soon which is the pilot for a new series. Chances are the Top 8 will be out a great deal of time before the other one.

    And ultra-most impor­tantly! I got off from work some time a week or so from now so I can work more on the next iter­a­tion of the web­site. This one has always been a tem­po­rary mea­sure (which is why our logo is nowhere to be found) and the next ver­sion will fea­ture a lot of stuff this one isn’t remotely capa­ble of. I’m greatly antic­i­pat­ing that and a pos­si­ble review of Gran Tur­ismo 5.

    Thanks for the views. Spread the word.

    More stuff…

    More stuff is going to come out soon. Expect 2–3 more Quick Plays and the glitch video to be up by Thurs­day. We’re going to spend our time tomor­row work­ing on our first Top 8. Awe­some­ness is sure to ensue.

    News yet again!

    We fin­ished upload­ing some new quick plays for ya. Expect a cou­ple more some­time around Fri­day (maybe sooner.) We’re spend­ing all day tomor­row work­ing on our con­tent needed for 2 of our new series. We also have some other major stuff going on behind the scenes that we can’t talk about yet but we’re really excited about and a new web­site we’re work­ing on to replace this one. This site is a tem­po­rary mea­sure until we can get a design fully made for launch­ing that we’re pleased with. In any case, enjoy the two new quick plays, expect more con­tent very soon and look for­ward to the launch of two new series soon!

    News you can use! 11/21/2010

    So we’ve decided what all we’re going to QP tonight. Don­key Kong Coun­try Returns, Z.H.P (next week). and Crazy Taxi (with some tips on how to be a badass on it like me!) We’re also going to try to get the glitch video up in the next 24 hours. Expect all of these vids here on GigaBoots.com in the next 24. Later!

    Update for 11/19

    We’re behind on Quick Plays this week so we’re prob­a­bly going to upload a QP of Crazy Taxi and a hilar­i­ous video we made of a glitch that hap­pened to us dur­ing the review process of Call of Duty: Black Ops. We’re work­ing on new types of con­tent and new con­tent in gen­eral so there may not be a review up next week but there should be a new type of video that’s pol­ished humor­ous and inter­est­ing (as you’ve no doubt come to expect from us.) How­ever, the 2 “QPs” will have to wait until tomor­row at ear­li­est as I’m still drained from the COD process and 29 hours straight of editing.

    So I’ll post again tomor­row on news about those 2 videos and what-not. In the mean­time, our views on COD are a lit­tle pal­try so if some of you guys could do some pro­mo­tion on our vids in gen­eral or that one in spe­cific to help us com­pen­sate that’d be great! Our views are lower than we need to keep up with the cost of host­ing the vids so please pro­mote us and we’ll do our best (includ­ing not sleep­ing for over a day straight) to make sure you see qual­ity con­tent every week!

    Thanks a mil­lion,

    p.s. — My brain really hurts from the 29-hour marathon >_<

    Cue the music!

    I should be sleep­ing see­ing as how I just fin­ished a long overnight shift and have a long day of Giga­Boots ahead of me but the inter­net demands a humor­ous yet crit­i­cal review of COD NOW so I must sate that need! I must fin­ish this video! *cue the Guile Theme to edit­ing montage*

    COD review, up as soon as humanly possible!

    Still working on COD..up soon!

    So we’re still work­ing on the COD: BO review despite me work­ing overnight shifts and Bob not get­ting any sleep. We’re almost done with it so expect late late tonight or early tomor­row unless some­thing goes hor­ri­bly wrong. We appre­ci­ate all the fans who’re check­ing the web site for updates and we promise we’ll work on a bet­ter look­ing web­site some­time very soon.

    Oh and to who­ever lives in Thono­to­sassa, FL, I’ve lived in this state my entire life and never heard of your town. WTF, SRSLY? Also you must visit the site a lot!