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  • So I know you have 2 questions on your mind…

    So I know you have two major ques­tions pick­ing at your brain right now. 1) “Who is this ter­ri­fy­ing man with the knife behind me prepar­ing to gut me like a fish while I’m read­ing this very sen­tence?” and 2) “Why aren’t there any lovely descrip­tions for this week’s Quick Plays?” Well the answer to the sec­ond ques­tions is “Because I work a job where 10 to 12-hour shifts are the norm and sleep is not.” As much as I’d love to be pro­fes­sional and get the image up for the slider and all of the descrip­tions typed in I really really don’t have the time. I will get around to it tomor­row most likely.
    As for the first ques­tions sweet jesus I don’t know. Fuck­ing run and call the cops!

    Resident Evil Revelations 3DS First Impressions

    The Giga­boots crew pro­vide an analy­sis of the Res­i­dent Evil Rev­e­la­tions 3DS trailer from E3 2011.

    Street Fighter X Tekken First Impressions part two

    Dan and Bob return to give there impres­sions of yet another Street Fighter X Tekken trailer from E3 2011.

    Mario Kart 3DS First Impressions

    The Giga­boots crew ana­lyze the new mechan­ics shown in the trailer of Mario Kart 3DS.

    Kirby Wii First Impressions

    The Giga­boots crew pro­vide com­men­tary on the E3 2011 trailer of Kirby Wii. This 4 player kirby game appears to be a return to form for the series.