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  • PlayStation Vita uses proprietary memory cards for personal storage?!?

    While scour­ing the inter­net for PlaySta­tion Vita news we found a post over at The Magic Box which shows PlaySta­tion Vita’s mem­ory card for­mat. Though it has been com­mon knowl­edge that PlaySta­tion Vita uti­lizes pro­pri­etary flash for­mat for games until now Sony hasn’t announced what down­loaded games would be stored on. These images show a pro­pri­etary flash for­mat for such with a sign that says “Mem­ory Cards” below it.


    The ini­tial reac­tion a lot of peo­ple will have is “why don’t they use SD card?!?!” and the answer is fairly obvi­ous. If the PSV’s game card (NVG) reads faster than the SD card the gamer buys then any down­loaded games will have issues run­ning if it streams con­tent (a tech­nique that will be used fairly often on more tech­ni­cally impres­sive PSV games.) We can only hope that the flash cards are fairly cheap and sup­port higher than 32GB. Also, before you say “these are Mem­ory Sticks” look at it more closely. It has a PlaySta­tion Vita Brand­ing, isn’t MS DUO and I think Sony would have stated that it was Mem­ory Stick Micro (M2) if that’s what these were.

    We’re covering E3 bitches!

    We decided to cover E3 for all of those who aren’t there the best we can. We will only put up videos where we think we can pro­vide some com­men­tary that is of value (you’re wel­come) and puts an inter­est­ing per­spec­tive on stuff. There’s also plenty of things at E3 peo­ple just aren’t talk­ing about for some rea­son so we hope to bring some of that up too. If you want to request a video for us to do then feel free to ask for it in the com­ments. We’ll try to ful­fill your requests.
    Hope you enjoy our cov­er­age,
    Dan from GB

    Mega May Closing Video

    There are slight visual prob­lems when tran­si­tion­ing between NES Mega Man games and I will fix this even­tu­ally but I don’t have the time cur­rently. (edit: Nev­er­mind, not worth the time.)
    It’s been a few days com­ing but here it finally is. The clos­ing video for Mega May. Delayed first by Rock Band & Vodka, then by sleep­ing 17 hours straight, and then by…how long it took to make! Yea..that’s it. We hope you guys enjoyed Mega May and look for­ward to us get­ting back to our old rou­tine (the really old one, you know, where we put up content?)

    Dear Fanbase, I’m a cop-out.

    I’m going to upload that Mega May clos­ing video tomor­row. I just got off from work (11-hour shift) and I have to get ready for my Hella Awe­some Rock Band 3 B-day Party so to be hon­est, you can all wait 1 day for me to put more pol­ish on this video and do so in a con­ve­nient and timely (rel­a­tively) man­ner. I thank you all for under­stand­ing.
    Thanks for watch­ing Mega May. Get ready to get served the most extreme amount of con­tent we’ve ever done. Here’s a fun game, guess which stag­nant video series is a get­ting a new install­ment first in the com­ments below! :D

    Mega M…wtf? [Technical Issues to the max]

    So we totally got raped by some severe tech­ni­cal issues. So the rest of the Mega May Quick Play videos are totally hit­ting in early Mega June. But that’s not all of what we had planned for Mega May so I will con­tinue for­ward with the rest of the planned on content.

    Today we’re going to post­ing a review of Wily Wars by Roo from Clan of the Gray Wolf. We should still have a video up every day for the rest of the month, I apol­o­gize for not pre­sent­ing you with a video of a bad [x5] or ter­ri­ble [x7] mega man game today but very soon we will have that more than covered!

    Also, thanks to hav­ing a ton of free time next month we will be get­ting right back on mak­ing reviews of video games. At least that’s the plan. God knows what could hap­pen between now and then though.