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  • Malicious Byte Size Review

    Mali­cious is an action game for the Japan­ese PlaySta­tion Store. It fea­tures impres­sive visu­als and deep com­bat but is it worth check­ing out despite the lan­guage bar­rier?

    If you need help with the final boss then check out this strat­egy guide video we made.

    2 Responses to “Malicious Byte Size Review”

    1. This is very tempt­ing though I’m a bit hes­i­tant regard­ing the whole lan­guage thing. Maybe some­thing to con­sider if I can’t find any action game I fancy on the dis­count bins.

    2. You’ve got a poten­tially great review­ing style if you really pushed it — Air­plane safety instruc­tion video nar­ra­tor with a foul mouth and zingers. I would push that as far as pos­si­ble as VG review­ers these days have their spe­cific niche.

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