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  • The Rant is Go! Episode 2: “NGP vs 3DS” or “The Potent Portable Peroration”

    In this episode of The Rant is Go! Dan dis­cusses the newly announced PSP2/NGP and con­trasts it with the 3DS strate­gi­cally and oth­er­wise. Enjoy!

    8 Responses to “The Rant is Go! Episode 2: “NGP vs 3DS” or “The Potent Portable Peroration””

    1. about NGP orig­i­nal title. here is one



      Dan Reply:

      Yea, lit­tle deviants is the only thing I’ve seen that uses the back panel and it’s also one of the only orig­i­nal titles. Thanks for the high-quality Gamespot vid, it looks really interesting.

    2. Con­sid­er­ing the PS3/PSP con­nec­tiv­ity was lim­ited to “buy games” or “Play games on screen”, i won­der if they will add more with the NGP. That is the thing i am more inter­ested in watch­ing with this then the con­soles them­selves :)


      Dan Reply:

      Kojima has talked about the “cloud” and how that will play into his plans (and plans in gen­eral for the NGP) and Sony is rumored to be adding cloud stor­age for save files in firmware 3.6 so I really wouldn’t be sur­prised if the con­nec­tiv­ity between the PS3 and NGP is absolutely amaz­ing. I would eas­ily pay $30 more if I could buy both ver­sions of a sin­gle game (like for Tekken or some­thing) and take it every­where with me.

      Bundling PS2 games with PSP coun­ter­parts was some­thing they planned before the PSP launched but that never worked out. Hope­fully this time around it won’t be just a pipe dream…

    3. great video man!

      keep doing it!

    4. Good points

    5. I’m not sure where I stand on the NGP vs 3DS. I’ve had a DS but only because it was 2nd hand and cheap and it was a bit of fun but more just a time­waster for me. I tried my friend’s PSP and again it never really grabbed me.

      I’ve had a go of a 3DS and to me it’s just alot of rehash­ing the same old games with updated fea­tures like Nin­tendo loves to do, along with 3D. But it’s just another mar­ket­ing gim­mick. I don’t care if a game is in 3D or not if it’s a good game. I know it’ll still sell loads as the DS has a wide fanbase.

      I had a check at some of the planned games for the NGP and I see alot of the same games just being remade or games that don’t inter­est me at all. What I get from it all is if you like the DS, you’ll get a 3DS. Or if you like the PSP, you’ll get an NGP.

      Another great video though. It really shows that you research your sub­jects well!

    6. This has sure changed since your rant about the NGP now VITA device eh. Some of your con­cerns are now moot.

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