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  • Malicious (JPN PSN) Quick Play

    Japan­ese action game for the PSN that is totally baller. Great art-style and inter­est­ing com­bat. You should check it out.

    4 Responses to “Malicious (JPN PSN) Quick Play”

    1. :) Con­vinced me to get a PSN card for this. I only just got my PS3 (a lit­tle late..il admit) so im find­ing out lots of new stuff :) gotta get this now.


      Dan Reply:

      Yea, i’m itch­ing to play it but I’m work­ing on the Lit­tleBig­Planet 2 review cur­rently. It is def­i­nitely unique and fun. Bob (who is abnor­mally amaz­ing at action games) got all the way to the final boss but then she sodom­ized him. Hope­fully that’s not the fate of every­one who plays Malicious..

    2. Why is it that all Japan­ese game heroes are teenagers or lit­tle kids? I guess the more inno­cent you are the more ki you have to do a kamehameha.

      I really wish this was on the 360 and nip-slip at 26:50. I won­der if the guy char­ac­ter will use his wang as a lance?

    3. I’m not nor­mally a fan of the games that just give boss bat­tles but this one looks really good. Either that or I’ve just played the crappy ones.

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