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  • Super Stardust Delta Quick Play HD

    This week the Giga gang checks out Super Star­dust Delta (writ­ten as Δ not as δ[you see the joke here is that Δ is the upper­case form of delta which is used in the game where as δ is the low­er­case ver­sion which is in fact not used in the game {what do you mean it’s not funny if i have to explain it (oh well I guess it just wasn’t funny to begin with)}]) the Vita ver­sion of Super Stardust.

    One Response to “Super Stardust Delta Quick Play HD

    1. Oh my god, super cool behind-the-scenes features!

      This game looks pretty cool. I love the idea of a plan­e­toid map. I recall play­ing some kind of weird third-person shooter as a kid which had this sort of map. I find the map edges or “return to bat­tle­field” mes­sages quite annoy­ing, so it’s great to have some­thing that doesn’t restrict you, more or less.

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