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  • Twisted Metal Quick Play HD

    Dan & Bob check out the Twisted Metal Demo only to find out the online doesn’t work cur­rently. They still show off the game and Dan explains a lot of changes that hap­pened between this one and Black.

    3 Responses to “Twisted Metal Quick Play HD

    1. And yet again — another game, that you can’t buy in Ger­many because it gets cut due to vio­lence.
      It’s kinda funny. You can have sex and nudity (uncen­cored) in videogames here.. but chop­ping of heads and stuff — nope.
      Just the other way around in the states, huh?
      Well.. guess it’s import time again!

    2. I down­loaded the demo a while back and still haven’t played it, I should get on that.

      On an unre­lated note, is there going to be a Quick­play for the Binary Domain Japan­ese demo? I played it the other night and used my (cur­rently) lim­ited Japan­ese vocab­u­lary to inter­act with my AI squad­mates to sur­pris­ingly accu­rate effect. I’ve been look­ing for­ward to Binary Domain since I real­ized the team behind the Yakuza series was mak­ing it, and now that I know it plays well, I’m count­ing the days. I just hope the fram­er­ate issues are fixed by release.


      Bob Reply:

      Jeez I for­get to check the Japan­ese store for a cou­ple of days and they put up a new demo. Thanks for point­ing it out we will prob­a­bly Quick­play it next week.

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