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  • GigaBoots Podcast Episode XIX — Croissants

    Oban is pow­er­ing the next gen­er­a­tion Xbox; What does this say about it’s design or goal? Giga­Boots dis­cusses the next gen­er­a­tion of con­soles and whether or not they’re inter­ested in them as they cur­rently look after recap­ping the news and talk­ing about what they’re playing.

    3 Responses to “GigaBoots Podcast Episode XIX — Croissants”

    1. Sorry for being dirty euro­pean scum :(
      I’ll try to click any add I can find though !

      Any­way, thanks for another great pod­cast. You guys ever thought about doing the main seg­ment for a spe­cific game you all played ? Really going in depth, maybe some strat­egy talk. Could be quite inter­est­ing imho and a bit more “hands on” than the indus­try topics.

      Oh and any chance for a video pod­cast for episode 20 ?


      GigaDan Reply:

      Haha­hah! If any­thing, it pisses me off that Blip allowed their busi­ness part­ners to be biased about how much views pay geo­graph­i­cally. This lack of income does free us up though. We’re look­ing into some other video options…though it may end up screw­ing us if it doesn’t work out. I’m pretty com­mit­ted to get­ting you guys the best video qual­ity and do a lot of exper­i­ment­ing to find out how to do such. The prob­lem is that if we switch to an ad-less video ser­vice then the site may become unsus­tain­able. I don’t know…we’ll find out some­time soon.

    2. I agree that a video pod­cast would be good. It would help aid in my mas­tur­ba­tion. I mean, err… Hey, what is that back­ground pic­ture? Looks like a ten­nis racket. I like ten­nis rack­ets. Do you like ten­nis rack­ets? I do. Umm… I’ll leave now.

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