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  • GigaBoots Podcast Episode XVII-2: Now With More Content

    The GB Team talks up the lat­est news (HOMOPHOBIC BATTLEFIELD 3,) Inter­view Game Hippo, and have a round­table talk­ing about how the major­ity of the Video Game Jour­nal­ist Indus­try com­pletely lacks integrity due to their bom­bas­tic sen­sa­tion­al­ist bullshit.

    11 Responses to “GigaBoots Podcast Episode XVII-2: Now With More Content”

    1. You should have saved the Top Eight announce­ment for April, you fools!

    2. I “clicked below” for a cool youtube link and all I got was this stu­pid com­ment… what is this witchcraft ?!

      On the topic of video game jour­nal­ism:
      What do you think of the guys over at Epic­Bat­tleAxe ?
      I like their no-bullshit approach quite a bit and I’m pretty sure that you would too.


      GigaDan Reply:

      Which thing were we sup­posed to put a link to? I haven’t found it and I lis­ten to any­more it would be a detri­ment to pro­duc­tiv­ity on Giga­Boots stuff. Let me know and I’ll link it.

      Angerman Reply:

      You men­tioned a link to Game Hip­pos Youtube chan­nel but don’t worry, already found it and to be hon­est: I was mainly try­ing to be funny there… which appa­rantly failed :(


      GigaDan Reply:

      Well, we totes suck about links. I need to go check out Epic­Bat­tleAxe. 2nd time I’ve been told to by fans.

    3. I’m not sure if any­one has said it but, the Vita is only in Japan and nobody cares about Japan, not even Japan! Spe­cially when it released with­out (as far as i know since i dont care either) some loli game, a Visual Novel with lots of SEX or Mon­ster Hunter

    4. […] the next when­ever so go sub­scribe to him and stuff. Not that he needs it. He’s rich and all, like we said in our Podcast. […]

    5. Per­haps a con­clu­sion could have been drawn when ONLY IGN was hyp­ing it…

      But really I just wanted this pod­cast then, with­out expos­ing myself that I actu­ally read IGN =x

    6. Despite my pre­vi­ous post, I do still think there are still some lin­ger­ing issues here. At Gama­su­tra, seems like not only is the Vita still slid­ing, it’s doing worse than the psp (con­trary to your pod­cast) and 3DS in the same respec­tive region and over the same amount of time in their respec­tive launchs ( 3DS being a hand­held you guys were pretty crit­i­cal of, though granted that was a lot far­ther into its lifes­pan). 3DS is Lord and Mas­ter in Japan right now.

      heres a link : http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/39839/PS_Vitas_Japanese_sales_continue_to_slide_as_consumers_wait_for_games.php

      Still seems trou­bling to me. I’m not utterly con­vinced that Japan is just “so weird” that its impos­si­ble to extrap­o­late any­thing from these num­bers unless you’re work­ing for IGN.

      Wait here’s a thought. Maybe that’s WHY ign did it. they knew if they posted it, the inter­net as a whole, to pro­tect itself will shun any news of it. Because IGN, like Fox, prints noth­ing but lies. Even truths, once on IGN, become lies.

      Great show though, all the same =) ty for shout out. Really liked your thoughts on gam­ing jour­nal­ism and its balka­niza­tion. After I looked that word up i totally agree haha!


      GigaDan Reply:

      Here’s the thing (which we men­tioned in the pod­cast.) Not only are we get­ting more games at our launch then they got at their’s but more of the games are western-oriented by a sub­stan­tial amount so it’s no sur­prise that the sales in Japan are lack­ing cur­rently. I main­tain that Japan moves when games com­pel them to and that there aren’t any Mon­ster Hunters for the Vita yet so they don’t care. I think the out­look of the Vita will be bet­ter deter­mined by the US launch and the fol­low­ing 3 months. Japan is ulti­mately a very small part of the global gam­ing mar­ket, as good or bad as that may be.

    7. But, but but.…I really can’t refute that. I guess I just felt that the appeal of the device would be enough to gar­ner more sales. I know I bought the PSP not for games but its poten­tial. Japans dwin­dling sales tells me that, out­side of the games for the moment, there isnt a lot the PSV will do to keep our atten­tion. All the ground work might be down the road or maybe its just not com­pelling. I’m not well versed in what all comes in the box. But I do think a new con­sole launch should be more exciting/better than that. Either Sony doesn’t care, or their try­ing and fail­ing and that wor­ries me for when their atten­tion is at us.

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