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  • GigaBoots Podcast Ep. XVI — Hyper Combo Furnish

    Dan, Bob, and Aggro sit down to talk with the kids about the real stuff. That is to say, they cover the lat­est news, talk about what they’re play­ing, if Aggro has been lying to Dan about every­thing, and there’s a round­table dis­cus­sion of Metal Gear Rising’s devel­op­ment his­tory and how indica­tive it is of a major prob­lem with Japan­ese devel­op­ment meth­ods in the 7th Gen of consoles.

    3 Responses to “GigaBoots Podcast Ep. XVI — Hyper Combo Furnish”

    1. Con­cern­ing the “no sham­ing thing” in Japan: Didn’t you see the video where the whole staff had to apol­o­gize for not being able to fin­ish Ris­ing ? It’s pretty disgusting…

      And i gotta agree with Aggro here: Tabs are for bitches !

    2. I think Japan might be turn­ing their nose up to west­ern mod­els because they may or may not have some­thing of their own that’s better.

      I know that WoW for exam­ple is dif­fer­ent in China and thus usu­ally a year behind in terms of patches, because they have a totally dif­fer­ent model. They pay for spe­cific hours they want to play, and can use those hours when they want. We pay a flat fee every month and can play it as much as we want in that time.

      Both sound rea­son­able, to me at least, but its hard to see the for­mer being done in the states, and I bet the same could be said about the lad­der there.

      Have to say I like their pric­ing scheme bet­ter going for­ward, in this age where every­one wants you to pay them monthly and keep pay­ing them monthly. If I have Net­flix and a WoW sub at the same time (for exam­ple), tech­ni­cally I’m cut­ting into time I paid for, when I use the other. But there, I’m always being effi­cient with my time because it’s only used when I actu­ally use them.

      If some­thing like that hap­pens here, it could change every­thing and flip west­ern devel­op­ers for a loop. I don’t think Japan is los­ing it for a sec­ond. They just have their atten­tion focused else­where, and we’ll prob­a­bly be there soon enough.

    3. Also, Happy New Year!

      Gigaboots.com: Gam­ing We Can Believe In!

      Keep hope alive just one more year wont you? At least untill the Mayans eat our faces.

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