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  • The Rant is Go! Episode 6: A PS4 in Early 2013 My Ass!

    A high-level infor­mant of Bit­mob has said that Sony declared (inter­nally) that the PS4 is hap­pen­ing in “early 2013″…have Sony lost their minds? Dan explains the 3 major rea­sons why Sony won’t do it (if they like money.)

    5 Responses to “The Rant is Go! Episode 6: A PS4 in Early 2013 My Ass!”

    1. Bit­mob is a garbage site, I always avoid their articles.

      I like Ken man, his direc­tion under ps2 made it sold well!


      GigaDan Reply:

      I liked Ken Kutaragi too but in ret­ro­spect a lot of his design choices when it came to the plat­forms were absolutely garbage. 2 HDMI’s and 3 Eth­er­net Ports? Blu-ray which even today has neglible ben­e­fits to gam­ing com­pared to the prob­lems it causes? BD as a for­mat wasn’t even cho­sen for gamers, it was cho­sen so the PS3 would fill the same shoes as the PS2 and be a tro­jan horse for the for­mat. Well, it did just that but it also made the PS3 a resound­ing fail­ure (rel­a­tive to their past sucesses) world-wide. The PS3 could eas­ily have launched at the same price as the 360 with­out the drive.

      I mean, I like KK too but he didn’t make very good deci­sions. Also worth noting:

      Cell — cus­tom chip to get rel­a­tively high-performance out of a hard to pro­gram cus­tom chip.
      Graph­ics Syn­the­sizer — cus­tom chip to get rel­a­tively high-performance out of a hard to pro­gram cus­tom chip with glar­ing flaws in per­for­mance.
      Emo­tion Engine — cus­tom chip to get rel­a­tively high-performance out of a hard to pro­gram cus­tom chip.
      PSP — Poor design all over the place includ­ing the hin­drance of only being able to send a sin­gle sig­nal across the MOBO at a time (from or to any chip (e.g. — Wifi, Mem­ory Stick, Proces­sor, GPU, RAM,) a chip that clocks too high for it’s own good, a disc-drive that had no right place in time for the mar­ket (too soon to uti­lize capac­ity, too late to mat­ter com­pared to flash, eats bat­tery,) and the PSP was ORIGINALLY going to have only 8MB of RAM just like the PS2. Devel­op­ers finally changed his mind into mak­ing it 32MB and the PSP was still a train wreck from a design perspective.

      A vision­ary he is but a good sys­tem designer he is not.

    2. Hi Danji, long time no speak!

      I think a lot of the 2 HDMI 3 Eth­er­net ports was to give PS3 more hype lead­ing up to its launch, in ret­ro­spect I think thay may have been unwise as to poten­tial buy­ers it seemed like you weren’t get­ting the full pack­age. But at least things were stan­dard­ised to some degree for the final prod­uct, remem­ber when the 20GB model was only going to have com­pos­ite out and no HDMI at all?

      It’s all well and good to see the neg­a­tives about hav­ing high per­for­mance proces­sors that are dif­fi­cult to pro­gram for. One thing I will say is that each gen­er­a­tion of ps3 games have looked bet­ter than the games that released the year before it. Whereas Xbox 360 you don’t see nearly as much. In say­ing that I believe Vita addresses a lot of the dif­fi­cul­ties of the past con­soles in terms of devel­op­ment. I think one of the rea­sons so many games have been announced for the machine and it’s not even avail­able yet is due to the easy of devel­op­ment. If a game that would nor­mally take 3 years of devel­op­ment time on PS3 would take 2 years or less on Vita I’m all for that!

      Blu­ray was ini­tially expen­sive but I’d still rather have it than not have it! I don’t have an issue with disc swap­ping per se par­tic­u­larly when the con­sole has an built in hard drive, but the prob­lem is just that, not all xbox 360s have a hard drive built in or one with a rea­son­able stor­age capac­ity, and because of this larger open world or sand­box games that get released later in the devel­op­ment cycle are going to suffer.

      Com­pres­sion tech­niques have a limit, Imag­ine a game like GTA how annoy­ing would it be that every time you went to a dif­fer­ent city or island you’d need to swap the disc! Even Car­mack had dif­fi­cul­ties with Rage on 360 due to the lim­its of com­pres­sion and the capac­ity of DVD!

      In the end gamers are going to vote with their wal­let, despite how pow­er­ful a PS4, Xbox3 or WiiU is rel­a­tive to each other, if it doesn’t have great games no enough peo­ple will buy it! Case and Point 3DS is rel­a­tively new to the mar­ket, the releases so far have been few and far between and a lot of ports from the N64, now that the price has dropped and there are more titles com­ing out at the end of the year, peo­ple are start­ing to see more value in the prod­uct and sales have increased significantly!


      GigaDan Reply:

      1. Very likely. Hav­ing a super-high end sys­tem for what was then unthink­able as a high price is very appealing.

      2. Exclu­sive titles def­i­nitely out­pace the 360 exclu­sives sig­nif­i­cantly due to the Cell proces­sory being used for graph­ics (mul­ti­thread­ing game code to take advan­tage of 6 cores is a bit much.)

      3. I’ve def­i­nitely changed my mind on Blu-ray. The only real advan­tage to it shows up in games like RAGE, Uncharted games and a few oth­ers that use the extra capac­ity to store videos that play dur­ing the tran­si­tions between scenes. Aside from that, it cost Sony the lead this gen..and for that I’m a lit­tle bit­ter. It’s not the only rea­son why Sony lost the lead but it is def­i­nitely the pri­mary cause of the price.

      Though really, being in 3rd place has its advan­tages this gen it also has a great deal of dis­ad­van­tages. I con­cur that we don’t have switch discs and that’s pretty cool. God knows how much more I would’ve hated Castl­e­va­nia: Lords of Shadow if I had to change the discs on top of deal­ing with its bullshit.

      Though I agree with you Stan, I think the 3DS is a poor exam­ple. Its graph­ics aren’t much bet­ter than the PSP and its main appeal is 3D, a much detested fea­ture and it’s imple­mented in a shoddy and cheap look­ing way that causes image issues. Games also run worse using the 3D so its util­ity and appeal as a fea­ture is ridicu­lously lim­ited. Widen­ing that gap of per­for­mance from the prior gen graph­i­cally and mak­ing the major fea­ture some­thing that isn’t almost uni­ver­sally panned would go a long way to make the leap to next gen more appeal­ing (most notably graph­ics hav­ing 2–8 times higher tex­ture qual­ity at 1080p and AA and OIT and other things that just look –nice-)

      Oh and lastly, just mak­ing sure, is that you Stan Darsh cause holy fuck­ing shit man. It HAS been for­ever. Wel­come to the site! It’s what I spend all my time on. We totally want a forum here but a good forum takes the sort of cash we won’t have for a while.

    3. Yes ‚.. I think sony will stay with PS3 for a long time,..
      Why the hell would peo­ple upgrade for basi­cally same graph­ics with (higher reso, AA and aniso and slightly higher reso textures,..) ‚..

      that is hardly enough an upgrade in fidelity, for me to be jump­ing console,..

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