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  • The Rant is Go! Episode 5: Can the Vita handle PS3 quality games?

    Dan from GigaBoots.com digs through the specs to find out whether or not the Vita can run PS3 qual­ity games. Can the Vita do it? Is it really up to snuff?

    6 Responses to “The Rant is Go! Episode 5: Can the Vita handle PS3 quality games?”

    1. Dan,.. great rant as always,..

      Vita blows my mind,.. I am a bit afraid of bat­tery life(oled should help, but damn).. And its poten­tial use as a self sus­tained charge­able explo­sive device,..

      I still can­not believe how the hell is that lit­tle thing capa­ble of run­ning all the shit it does,..

      It may not be exactly 1:1 with where cur­rent gen is now,.. but even reso on that small screen is just sickening,..

      What actu­ally is more impor­tant,.. are the input meth­ods,.. Vita will change the way we inter­act even with Ui-menus in jrpgs for example,..

    2. Very inter­rest­ing and infor­ma­tive, could have used a bit more actual rant­ing tough imho.


      GigaDan Reply:

      I’ll take that with a grain of salt from a per­son named Anger­man. :D

    3. Great video man, but you didn’t men­tion the cell in the ps3. Now the vita is capa­ble of a lot, but the rea­son ps3 out­per­forms 360 a bit is because of the cell. The cell can do every­thing the ps3 gpu does but better(dice said this)


      GigaDan Reply:

      The rea­son I didn’t men­tion the cell is because I don’t have enough infor­ma­tion about the Vita to make a com­par­i­son. I don’t know if the Vita’s CPU is capa­ble of doing graph­i­cal effects on top of game graph­ics. The archi­tec­ture of the sys­tem is also very impor­tant when dis­cussing this because the PS3 is only capa­ble of using the Cell that way because of the huge amount of band­width between the RSX and Cell and their abil­ity to write into each other’s RAM space.

      What dice said is QUITE true. The RSX kind of sucks.

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