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  • The Rant is Go! Episode 4: Why 3DS owners should be pissed and how Nintendo fucked up.

    Nin­tendo has dropped the price of the 3DS $80 leav­ing a lot of own­ers pissed and stock­hold­ers wor­ried. In this episode I dis­cuss why own­ers deserve to be pissed and what the 3DS’s sales likely sig­nify about the mar­ket. Hint: It’s case #3.

    12 Responses to “The Rant is Go! Episode 4: Why 3DS owners should be pissed and how Nintendo fucked up.”

    1. Dude nice rant but i think you fro­got somet­ingvery impor­tant a litel ting called games 3ds realy doesnt have any games that makes me wana buy it yeah 3d is intrest­ing but does it improve anyt­ing ? The answer is easy nope 3d is just a realy cool way to see things not to play it.

    2. Nice rant and great vid as always,.. I actu­ally went trough almost all your quick plays, because you guys are hilarious.

      Where the hell is a new pod­cast guys,.. ?


      Dan Reply:

      With any luck we should be record­ing that today! :D


      Dan Reply:

      Remem­ber that thing I said about luck? Yea, I came down with another form of ill­ness whilst fight­ing off the first. Aside from my own mis­ery Aggro and Bob were busy any­ways. Fun times.

      foker Reply:

      Just get well Dan. You have one of the most enter­tain­ing and infor­ma­tive gam­ing site on the net.

    3. Here’s an idea: How about they reduce the price by $180 in Aus­tralia? (It’s $350 here.)

      By the way, guys, the new Blis­tered Thumbs forum is up if you want to check it out. You could post this there if you like.

    4. You took the words straight out of my mouth. 3DS is no where near as great as Ninty try and make it out to be. We’ll just have to sit by and see how this all pans out. Awe­some vid by the way!

    5. 2: 3D is Bull­shit = Win

    6. Great video guys! Any idea how much it’s gonna drop in the UK?

      It’s true it is fail­ing hard com­pared to the DS sales. I work in a shop and the only time I see them get­ting sold is the par­ents token present to the kids for birthday/christmas/something to shut them up. You never see ads like with Brain Train­ing where adults play the games or it’s being mar­keted to adults. Plus the pack­age deals are alll games like Super Mon­key Ball or the really girly games. No adult is going to want that. It’s almost like they ignored that por­tion of demographic.

    7. Your cadence is get­ting bet­ter. It’s no sur­prise (since I’ve said so before) but I’m enjoy­ing these audio entries more and more as the time goes on ;)

      Another pos­i­tives:
      –Slow mov­ing back­ground (empha­sis on slow, no need to make any­one dizzy)
      –Slideshow styling (I like the amount of pic­tures used, peo­ple tend to use far too much stock chang­ing way too fast)

    8. The Vita’s strug­gles sort of point towards case #1 being pretty likely.


      GigaDan Reply:

      Well, the 3DS is doing swell now. Bet­ter than the DS at the same point in it’s life­cy­cle. I’ve become a firm believer that the smart­phones “devour­ing” the portable mar­ket school of thought is com­pletely wrong on this.

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