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  • The Rant is Go! Episode 3: “Disc, Cart, or Cloud”

    Episode 3 cov­ers the medium for video games and it’s many pos­si­ble forms from here on out. How soon will we reach the cloud and will it ever replace consoles?

    6 Responses to “The Rant is Go! Episode 3: “Disc, Cart, or Cloud””

    1. Great video, mate. Very informative.

    2. Woo, great video, I am filled wit knowl­edge now and i feel a lit­tle less une­d­u­cated about the gam­ing mar­ket lol

    3. I love these rant videos! At first I thought it was going to be you just bitch­ing about stuff but they’re really good.

      I agree that down­load­ing games in some form is the way of the future and I’m glad you men­tioned Steam as I’m a major steam whore now. I never used to be and it still does have alot of issues. One of the biggest is hav­ing to mess with port for­ward­ing some­times and if you don’t know your way around a pc, it can be really offputting.

      There is one thing that Steam does which I really like that I don’t see in con­sole games. When they have spe­cial deals or events, they spread it across sev­eral games. Most note­ably for me was the Potato Sack event around the launch of Por­tal 2. The idea is genius. It makes peo­ple buy other games, alot of indie titles too, at dirt cheap prices and play them. We get cheap games, they make money and indie game devel­op­ers get their stuff on display.


      Dan Reply:

      Thanks for all the pos­i­tive com­ments man. I’m really glad you appre­ci­ate the videos. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner I’m kind of sick and back in my work-week. Another video was sup­posed to be made by now…so hope­fully that will up soon and I’ll stop feel­ing like death. In any case! Glad you enjoy the vids. Also glad that peo­ple seemed to like this video. I spent a hell of a while writ­ing it and about 3/4 through I thought “Oh shit am I the only one who’s going to enjoy this?” XD

    4. was unfair com­pars­ing the game gear has no wifi …why are you acti­vat­ing the wir­less con­nec­tion it sux the bat­tery …when i play with my 3ds or psp and the wifi is off i got about 6 hours play time


      GigaDan Reply:

      It’s not really unfair because the Game Gear is a close approx­i­ma­tion of the Sega Mas­ter Sys­tem (the prior gen con­sole.) It’s like if we were to com­pare the 3DS to a portable 360. With that anal­ogy in mind, doesn’t it make sense why the Game Gear eats bat­ter­ies so quickly and why this com­par­i­son was fair?

      Also, I’m not sure a first model Game Gear would have won…

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