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  • PlayStation 4k Info Dump, Pros, and Cons — The Rant is GO!

    Dan talks about the new PS4K leaks and what that means for you and your PITIFUL PLAYSTATION 4!

    Pharaoh Rebirth+ Quick Play (60FPS)

    Chase down the 7 holy grails in ancient Egypt or die to a pharaoh’s curse. 7 seems like more than I remem­ber there being, but this game (like Bunny Must Die) is awe­some as hell.

    PlayStation VR is Cheaper, Better, and Will Win — The Rant is GO!

    Dan from Giga­Boots explains PSVR’s advan­tages, why it will win, and teaches you about dis­play technology!

    Gaming Journalism Blows — The Rant is GO!

    Instead of it’s nor­mally edu­ca­tional nature, The Rant is GO takes a slight detour into actu­ally being an inter­net series where a guy angrily talks at a camera.

    Yearly Xbox’s!? — The Rant is GO!

    Phil Spencer spilled the beans about Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox. Dan explains what yearly Xbox’s mean and how it’s pos­si­ble.

    Don’t Buy That GPU — The Rant is GO!

    Right now is the worst time to buy a video card. Dan explains why in this episode of The Rant is GO.
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    Goodbye, GameTrailers — The Rant is GO!

    Dan sends off Game­Trail­ers by talk­ing about his favorite shows and Giga­Boots’ his­tory with the site.

    Mighty No 9 is Delayed Again — The Rant is GO!

    There are lessons to be learned from Mighty No. 9’s lat­est delay aside from Ina­fune is screw­ing us.

    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Review

    It’s a 1/10. In case you were wondering.

    Indivisible Prototype Quick Play

    Here’s our Quick Play of the pro­to­type for Lab Zero’s new game, Indi­vis­i­ble. Find out more about this game at http://www.indivisiblegame.com/

    Mighty No 9 (Special Demo) Quick Play [60FPS]

    Here’s Comcept’s apol­ogy for the delay. It’s almost 50% redun­dant con­tent for us Beta own­ers. Oh well, it’s not like we CAN PLAY THAT ANYWAY!

    The Rant is GO: Mighty No. 9 (THE RIDE NEVER ENDS!)

    A lot of us back­ers are feel­ing burned by Mighty No 9 and most peo­ple don’t know why. Here’s the skinny on the stuff you guys don’t know about.

    Factotum Quick Play

    TACS Games new Wii U game is an out­er­space themed puz­zle game.

    What Indie Hell: Sonic Dreams Collection

    This is “a col­lec­tion of Sonic games that were can­celled.” This shouldn’t be.

    The Rant is GO: Red Ash Should’ve Died

    Keiji Ina­fune is back to cash in on nos­tal­gia with Red Ash, a trans­me­dia prod­uct that’s loosely tied into Mighty No. 9. Dan talks about all the prob­lems with it and the stun­ning con­clu­sion to it’s trouble-filled kick­starter campaign.