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  • Bayonetta Let’s Play [11/X]

    Eric has no idea what he’s in for. Eric has no idea what he’s in for. Eric has no idea (more…)

    The Weekly Beating #25 — Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament [PS2]

    We regret so much..

    GigaBoots Podcast #45 — Or 80,000 or Something

    Dan, Bob, and eric talk about the lat­est gam­ing news!!111

    Bayonetta Let’s Play [10/X]

    Chap­ter IX begins

    Battlestation: First Contact Quick Play

    Dan shows off a wave-based ship defense game where you man­age engi­neers and pilots to hope­fully defend your­self against the (more…)

    Race the Sun Quick Play

    Fly at high speeds through this world full of rudi­men­tary geom­e­try on your glider pow­ered by the sun!

    The Legend of Korra [game] Quick Play

    This Plat­inum Games-made action game is out on the PS3, PS4, Xbox One, 360, and PC and Bob (a Plat­inum (more…)

    aSTACK Quick Play

    Dan shows off a game that helps him with his hor­ri­ble addiction.

    GigaBoots has a Patreon! (Help us entertain you!)

    Giga­Boots works hard to put up videos for you daily. Please con­sider help­ing out and let­ting us con­tinue to make (more…)

    Bayonetta Let’s Play [9/X]

    Say, is that a tentacle?

    What Indie Hell — Tokyo Hosto

    Dan & Bob get a lot of lessons in being a host in Japan, some of which don’t even make (more…)

    Bayonetta Let’s Play [8/X]

    You got a weird shader there, kid.

    Slide Maze Quick Play

    Slide Maze is a free slider puz­zle game on iOS where as long as you fully solve the puz­zle you (more…)

    Nidhogg Quick Play

    The high-speed low-res fencing-marathon sim­u­la­tor is now on the PS4. Join Dan and Eric as they curse a lot and (more…)

    Bayonetta Let’s Play [7/X]

    Back from the abrupt end­ing that last episode had, is Dan Bob and Eric here again to play some more.