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  • Freedom Planet Review

    Free­dom Planet uses Sonic physics and bad writ­ing to bring 2D furry plat­form­ers to Steam in an odd new way.

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    As always, thanks for watch­ing guys! Hope to get more reviews out soon.

    GigaBoots Podcast #34 — Bob Kicked the NES All Progress is Lost

    Dan, Bob, and Eric talk about Marty O’ Don­nell get­ting his and the other lat­est gam­ing news and a great round­table about Des­tiny ALL WHILE PLAYING DRAGON WARRIOR!

    Bob kicked the NES and all of our hard earned progress is lost on Dragon Warrior.

    RetroBoots — Blaster Master: Blasting Again

    This isn’t your dad’s Blaster Mas­ter. No. No…

    Yoshi’s Island Let’s Play [19/19]

    The Ver­sus mode for this game deserved nowhere near this much hype.

    Yoshi’s Island Let’s Play [18/19]

    The final episode of the Giga­Boots Yoshi’s Island Let’s Play. The heav­ens will part and the deities will bat­tle for the fate of this Yoshi-filled Island.