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  • Sonic R Quick Play [60 FPS] (Sonic Month)

    Released Octo­ber 31st, 1997 in North Amer­ica, Sonic R was devel­oped by the same peo­ple who brought you Sonic 3D (more…)

    Sonic Adventure Let’s Play 1/X [60FPS] (Sonic Month)

    A lot of peo­ple think Sonic Adven­ture was great and Sonic 06 is where things went south. They’re wrong.

    Sonic Blast Quick Play [60FPS] (Sonic Month)

    Just 1 month after 3D Blast Sega shit out this ter­ri­ble Game Gear Game. Don­key Kong Coun­try, move over! Sonic’s (more…)

    Sonic 3D Blast Quick Play [60FPS] (Sonic Month)

    3D Blast was released Novem­ber 1st, 1996 for the Gen­e­sis in North Amer­ica and later that month for the Sat­urn. (more…)

    Randal’s Monday Quick Play [60FPS]

    Dan, Eric, and Bob show off the new point & click adven­ture on Steam for $25. The main char­ac­ter is (more…)

    Sonic Labyrinth Quick Play [60FPS] (Sonic Month)

    We forced Jay from HailZeon to play Sonic Labyrinth which was released in Octo­ber 1995 in PAL ter­ri­to­ries for the (more…)

    The Weekly Beating #26 — Sonic the Fighters [60 FPS] (Sonic Month)

    Sonic the Fight­ers came out in 96 in the US, JP, and EU ter­ri­to­ries but I’ve never seen it before (more…)

    WeeaBoots #4 — Previews: Shirobako, Seha Girls, I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

    The Wee­aBoots group gath­ers to pre­view some new anime and also review DBZ: Bat­tle of Gods.

    Tails Adventures Quick Play [60FPS] (Sonic Month)

    Tails Adven­tures released Sep­tem­ber 1995 in JP and EU and Nov 11th 1995 in the US. It’s Gargoyle’s Quest but (more…)

    Sonic Spinball (GG) Quick Play [60FPS] (Sonic Month)

    Released August 1994, Sonic Spin­ball for the Game Gear is pretty much as low as you can go. It made (more…)

    Sonic Drift 2 Quick Play [60FPS] (Sonic Month)

    Sonic Drift 2 is thank­fully much bet­ter than Drift 1. I was ter­ri­fied that child me was an idiot liar. (more…)

    Tails’ Skypatrol Quick Play [60FPS] (Sonic Month)

    Released exclu­sively in Japan on April 28th, 1995, Tails’ Sky­pa­trol is a real odd­ity. The graph­ics are overly cute but (more…)

    Sonic & Knuckles Quick Play [60FPS] (Sonic Month)

    Released Octo­ber 18th, 1994, Sonic & Knuck­les is the sec­ond half of one of the great­est games ever made. Though (more…)

    Sonic Triple Trouble Quick Play [60FPS] (Sonic Month)

    On Octo­ber 15th, 1994 Sonic Triple Trou­ble (Sonic & Tails 2) came out in the USA and was truly the (more…)

    Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal Quick Play 60FPS (Sonic Month)

    Dan & Bob show off the new Sonic Boom for the 3DS. This cap­ture is 60FPS so if you have (more…)