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  • What Indie Hell — Recall

    You wanna see some shit? Here, check this out.

    Destiny Let’s Play Part 6

    Sit back, enjoy a cheer­wine and a new part of the Giga­Boots Des­tiny Let’s Play.

    Destiny Let’s Play Part 5

    We now visit the ghost of Shoot-Caves past.

    Destiny Let’s Play Part 4

    Time to get a speeder and be pretty Legend.

    GigaBoots Podcast #41 — The Low End of the Dial

    Dan, Bob, and Dr. Aggro talk about the Smash DLC leak, Pier Solar HD com­ing out, Titan­fall is get­ting more (more…)

    Destiny Let’s Play Part 3

    Eric has some feel­ings about play­ing on Hard mode.

    RetroBoots — Gungrave Overdose

    His name is Grave…call him Beyond the Grave.

    Destiny Let’s Play Part 2

    Fine, we’ll play the ACTUAL GAME :P

    Mighty No. 9 Beta lvl 2 Quick Play

    The Water Works Bureau has been unlocked for the Mighty Num­ber 9 Beta. Dan & Bob show it off.

    Destiny Let’s Play Part 1

    Dan, Bob, and Eric show off the best part of Destiny.

    The Weekly Beating #21 — Smash 4 3DS [Super Smash Brothers 4]

    Hope you guys like Smash because I have a problem.

    Outland Let’s Play Part 11

    The gru­el­ing finale of Out­land begins and ends here.

    Outland Let’s Play Part 10

    Eric says some­thing really really “dumb”

    Qutland Let’s Play Part 9

    That’s the thing they don’t tell you about the PS4 controller..

    The Weekly Beating #20 — Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    I really shouldn’t have played this after play­ing so much of the demo for 4.