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  • Sonic Lost World [60FPS] Quick Play (Sonic Month)

    Oh my God please let this month die.

    Sonic Adventure Let’s Play [9/X] (Sonic Month)

    So many freaky echnidnas.

    Sonic Adventure 1 Let’s Play [7/X] (Sonic Month) [60FPS]

    Maybe we should read the instruc­tion man­ual that came with Knuckles…

    Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed [60FPS] Quick Play (Sonic Month)

    Released in Novem­ber of 2012, Rac­ing Trans­formed added a ton of vehi­cle trans­for­ma­tions but seem­ingly has a decid­edly worse fram­er­ate than it’s pre­de­ces­sor (on console.)

    Sonic Adventure 1 Let’s Play [7/X]

    So con­cludes the epic tale of Big the Cat.

    Sonic 4 Epi. 2 [60FPS] Quick Play (Sonic Month)

    A sub­stan­tial improve­ment over it’s pre­de­ces­sors in at least visu­als, Sonic 4 Episode 2 came out May 15th, 2012, 19 months later than episode 1.

    Sonic Generations PC [60FPS] Quick Play (Sonic Month)

    Wait a sec­ond, this isn’t even…the same game…

    Sonic Colors DS [60FPS] Quick Play (Sonic Month)

    Sonic Col­ors DS is a game.….go packers.

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    Sonic Colors Quick Play [Wii] (Sonic Month)

    Sonic Col­ors hit the Wii in Novem­ber of 2010, dur­ing the same month that Sonic Free Rid­ers came out for the 360/Kinect. Jay FROMHAILZEON likes it.

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    Sonic Free Riders [60FPS] Quick Play (Sonic Month)

    Did they really have to make it into a Kinect game? Did they?

    Shadow the Hedgehog [60FPS] Quick Play (Sonic Month)

    Sega Stu­dio USA pro­duced this ter­ri­ble game in Novem­ber of 2005 and set a new low stan­dard for Sonic games. Is this game worse than Sonic 06? Is that pos­si­ble? Oh god it’s just too close to call!

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    Sonic 4 Episode 1 [60FPS] Quick Play (Sonic Month)

    In Octo­ber of 2010 Sonic Team and Dimps deliv­ered the first 2D con­sole Sonic title in for­ever. Unfor­tu­nately, it was designed to run on every plat­form under the sun (includ­ing iOS) and fea­tured ter­ri­ble music. The good times are killing me.

    Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Quick Play [60FPS] (Sonic Month)

    Released in Feb­ru­ary 2010 (which we get wrong in the video,) this sonic racer is an aston­ish­ingly good game for a SONIC CART RACER. What the piss?

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    Sonic and the Black Knight Quick Play (Sonic Month)

    Sonic and the Black Knight is a sequel to The Secret Rings and came out 2 years later in March of 2009. This game is all Sonic Team baby. None of that Dimps qual­ity seep­ing in.

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    Sonic Unleashed [Wii] Quick Play (Sonic Month)

    Unlike the other ver­sion of Sonic Unleashed, the Wii ver­sion had work done on it by Dimps. Can they save us from the were­hog lev­els? Is this going to be just as awful as the other version?