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  • Bayonetta Let’s Play [8/X]

    You got a weird shader there, kid.

    Slide Maze Quick Play

    Slide Maze is a free slider puz­zle game on iOS where as long as you fully solve the puz­zle you (more…)

    Nidhogg Quick Play

    The high-speed low-res fencing-marathon sim­u­la­tor is now on the PS4. Join Dan and Eric as they curse a lot and (more…)

    Bayonetta Let’s Play [7/X]

    Back from the abrupt end­ing that last episode had, is Dan Bob and Eric here again to play some more.

    Bayonetta Let’s Play [6/X]

    Let’s find out what the Car­di­nal Virtue of For­ti­tude is.

    Bayonetta Lets Play [5/X]

    Bay­o­netta is some sort of weird Matroshka doll and Dan just doesn’t under­stand. Also, she’s gotta go fast.

    The Weekly Beating #24 — Smash Run (Smash Bros for the 3DS)

    This week is Smash Run from Smash Bros. for the 3DS. Dan incor­rectly remem­bers the name of a Kirby char­ac­ter (more…)

    GigaBoots Podcast #44 — Games Like It’s Raining and A Special Announcement.

    The Gang (sans Aggro) talk about the shit­load of games they’ve been play­ing (The Evil Within, Pix the Cat, Guilty (more…)

    RetroBoots — Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire

    Now this is a clas­sic. Launch title Star Wars game for the N64. Is it good? Some parts!

    Bayonetta Let’s Play [4/X]

    Aggro van­ishes into mid-air and Bob fin­ishes the fight (as in level.)

    The Evil Within Quick Play [2/2]

    Dan & Bob show off Chap­ter 2 of Pyscho Break (The Evil Within.)

    The Evil Within Quick Play [1/2]

    Dan & Bob show off Shinji Mikami’s new hor­ror game from the beginning.

    Bayonetta Lets Play [3/X]

    Fem-Dante shows up on a motor­cy­cle and decid­edly does not slow down, babe.

    Guilty Gear Xrd –Sign– Quick Play

    Dan & Bob show off Guilty Gear Xrd –Sign– for the PS4. Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske are both shown (more…)

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