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  • What Indie Hell — Super Wolfensstein HD (60 FPS)

    Dan & Bob check out this hilar­i­ous “homage” to Wolfen­stein 3D from the team that made Broforce.

    GigaBoots Podcast #54 — Phat Chocobo

    Dan, Eric, and Dr. Aggro talk about the lat­est gam­ing news, Hololens, and Win­dows 10 in the lat­est LIVE-ACTION Giga­Boots Podcast!

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Demo Quick Play [60FPS]

    Dan (Bob) and Eric show off the demo for Mon­ster Hunter 4 Ulti­mate for the 3DS. There are dinosaurs! Thanks to Vin­cent Povirk for the demo codes! :D

    Heroes of the Storm Quick Play [60 FPS]

    Dan & Bob show off Heroes of the Storm, the new MOBA from Blizzard.

    Evolve Quick Play (60FPS)

    Dan, Bob, and Eric show off Evolve for the PS4.

    GigaBoots Podcast #53 — Fuck That Bob Guy

    Dan, Bob, and Aggro talk about the New 3DS XL, Race the Sun, First Light, and the Xbox One going back on sale!

    What Indie Hell — Dead Sea [60 FPS]

    A lady must escape shark-infested waters via swim­ming, and three guys must play this ter­ri­ble game.

    GigaBoots Podcast #52 — The Sickcast

    Dan, Eric, and Dr. Aggro talk about how bitchin Dan’s New Years party was and how they’ve all been sick.

    The Weekly Beating #31 — King of Fighters 2006 [60FPS]

    Dan & Bob end up on the wrong side of KoF in this week’s beating.

    The Weekly Beating #30 — King of Fighters 2001 [60FPS]

    Terry was just too nerfed in last week’s game. Time to duke it out in clas­sic KOF fashion.

    GigaBoots Podcast #51 — Game of the Year 2014!

    The whole GB crew shows up to decide what is 2014’s Game of the Year and what their per­sonal lists for best games are.

    What Indie Hell — Esoterica America [60 FPS]

    Holy God, what a way for What Indie Hell to make its comeback.

    The Weekly Beating #29 — The King of Fighters XIII [60FPS]

    We real­ized we never played King of Fight­ers for The Weekly Beat­ing. What the hell???

    The Weekly Beating — #28 Super Smash Bros Wii U

    Dan & Bob duke it out on Dan’s home turf, Super Smash Bros, this time on the Wii U. New rule­sets abounds!

    GigaBoots Podcast #50 — That’s a Big Number

    Dan & Bob go it alone in this adven­tur­ous episode of the Giga­Boots pod­cast! We talk­ing video games, Rocky movies, and Smash Bros (it’s more than a game.)